The IQAC of the college was established on 07-02-2002 at the initiative of dynamic leadership of Dr. Kamal Gogoi, the Founder Principal of the college when the very concept of IQAC at its embryonic stage. In subsequent period IQAC has been made a mandatory component in higher education institution and inevitable part for NAAC assessment process. Since its inception, IQAC of the college endeavours for achieving its objectives of quality assurance and quality sustenance through planning, monitoring and coordinating various stakeholders of the college keeping in sync with the new changes in the field of higher education. The IQAC focuses on adoption of innovation and best practices, and involves in preparation of Annual Action Plan, Annual Report for onward submission to Dibrugrah University; performing of all NAAC related activities; and looking after scholastic, non-scholastic and extramural activities for all-round development of the college. The IQAC has successfully accomplished its first cycle of NAAC Assessment in the year 2005 with C++ (CGPA 66.05) and the second cycle in 2015 with grade B (2.54).

Dr. Dipen Saikia
Principal, Moridhal College
ChairmanPhone No: 7002505424
Dr. Lekhan Gogoi
Assistant Professor
CoordinatorPhone No: 7002519217
Mr. Hari Prasad Kaphley
Assistant Professor
Joint CoordinatorPhone No: 9435663690
Dr. Bhabani Saharia
Associate Professor
Assistant CoordinatorPhone No: 7002197457
Dr. Pranab Jyoti Dowari
Assistant Professor
Assistant CoordinatorPhone No: 9707584477