Department name: HINDI

Year of establishment: 1988



The department Hindi was started in 1988 along with the establishment of college itself. Initially there was only one faculty member along with few students. Gradually the number of students as well as faculty member increases. At the beginning only M.I.L was taught. As time passes advance Hindi, Elective Hindi, Major in Hindi were started along with M.I.L . Now there are two faculty members as well as many students are taking part in the academic activities of the department.


Courses HS course
Three year Degree course(Six semester)
  1. Major course
  2. Non- major course


Number of seats: HS 200 Nos
  1. Major—25 Nos
  2. Non-major-- 200 Nos


Faculty Members:

Name: Dr.Pushpa Kumari
Designation: Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification:M.A.(Double) PhD
Area of Specialization: Comparative study
Contact Number: 09435089548


Name: Dr. Jonali Baruah
Designation: Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification: M.A. PhD
Area of Specialization: Comparative study
Contact Number: 09957835688




  • Department has its own class room
  • Department has its own library



  1. Department supplies study material to student
  2. Department takes special care for poor learner
  3. Department organises seminar, tutorial classes, workshop for students
  4. Department gives home assignment to students
  5. Department provides financial help to poor students

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