Department name: COMPUTER SCIENCE

Year of establishment: 2006


The Computer Science Department of Moridhal College was established in the year 2006. In the same year the secondary level and the general course of under graduate level was introduced in 2009. The major course was started from the session 2009-10. The Department has got govt. concurrence in 19th May 2009, it got permission of Dibrugarh University in 7th July 2010.



Courses offered

HS course

Three year Degree course(Six semester)

  • Non- major course(Both Arts and Science)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
  • Certificate Course in Computer Application




Number of seats:


120 Nos




Non-major— 20


40 Nos


40 Nos


Faculty Members:
Name : Dilip Kumar Baruah
Designation : Asstt. Prof.(HOD)
Educational Qualification : MCA, Dibrugarh University
Area of Specialization : Computer Networks, Cloud Computing
Contact Number : (+91)8134002253

Name : Amit Kumar Mandal
Designation : Asstt. Prof.
Educational Qualification : MCA, Tezpur University,NET
Area of Specialization : Image Processing
Contact Number : (+91)9401807268
Email :

Name : Neelutpol Gogoi
Designation : Asstt. Prof.
Educational Qualification : M.Tech, Hindustan University, Chennai
Area of Specialization : Network Security,Data Mining, Distributed System
Contact Number : (+91)9859844932
Email :

Research Projects:

SL No Principal Investigator Research Topic Funding Agency Status
1 Dilip Kumar Baruah Implementaion of Rajib Gandhi Computer Literay Programme in Secondary Schools of Assam: A study on Dhemaji District UGC Completed
2 Amit Kumar Mandal Blurred Image Segmentation using Local Thresholding and YcBcR Colour Space UGC Completed

Facilities: The department has the following facilities

  1. Networked lab with internet facility
  2. Academic and career counselling to the students.
  3. Guidance to the advance learners and remedial coaching for the poor learners.
  4. For intellectual development of the students.
  5. Interactive Smart Board used for theory class.
  6. Running water and power supply are satisfactory.


  1. Besides doing regular classes, the department has also completed all the practical classes in stipulated time.
  2. Cluster counselling for the students.
  3. The department has arranged seminar and group discussion in time to time among the students to enhance their mental ability and to face the present situation.
  4. The departmental teachers also actively involved in different non-scholastic activities of the college .
  5. All the faculty members provide special guidance to the advance learner in addition to remedial classes for the poor learners.
  6. The faculty members of the department come in contact with the guidance of the student to solve their problems.
  7. For professional development the faculty members of the department attain seminar, workshop etc.